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Zone 2 TRIATHLON TRAINING: how fast can you expect when you change?

What to expect when you start Zone 2 training including the level of intensity and difficulty a triathlete will experience when starting zone 2 training and why it’s important to use zone 2 training to prepare for a triathlon. Also some tips to maintain zone 2 heart rate while training

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Where i run the road undulates a lot. Should i use avg HR to stay in zone 2. The spreadsheet states zone 2 is a fast jog challenging pace. I would have to shuffle run to keep hr low. Hesitant that 4 weeks would change it. Have to walk t h e hills

Zone 3 works your lactate threshold, so it does make you faster and it does make your cardiovascular system stronger. Also, it’s the most specific type of training you can do for any endurance running event, from a 10k to a marathon. That beeing said, no, you shouldn’t run your easy runs at tempo pace. But the percentage of your training spent on zone 3 and zone 4 should be roughly the same (if anything, you should spend a little more time in zone 3 because of specificity). Obviously, this are some general guidelines. In practice, every person is different, but you shouldn’t be scared of training a decent ammount of time in zone 3.

Interesting, since most are non pros, time is a restrictive variable into deep surfing towards zone 2.
What about including a video with regards to adjustments in current sport science to this issue that might be helpful towards traniacs, such us HIIT (and their variants in terms of intensity, frequency) and concurrent training which btw has more beneficial than one or other.

I’ve been in the Army for 17 years. For 17 years, I’ve been going all out on every run and my body hurts. Lol. I started Z2 runs this week. I can’t wait to see the difference! Great vid!

i have been doing my training ALL WRONG for the past 6 months… i’m so glad i watched this video in my first season of training instead of later on in my triathlon addiction! growing up as a swimmer has jaded me and made me think i need to go hard ALL THE TIME to get faster

Is it normal for my pace to change from 5:30 to 5:00 per km at the same heart rate 1 day from each other?

Any way to download the spreadsheet?

Edit: you mentioned the website, thanks!

Hi Taren- I followed the link from the video and received the calculator. I noticed it doesn’t include the power zone section that is shown on the file in this video. Is that by design?

thank you master!

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