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You Love This – Interstellar Triathlon Motivation

Face your fears, turn them into habits, and you will conquer them.

Please watch: “WHEN YOU FEEL LIKE GIVING UP (Triathlon Motivation)”


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I literally watched this to motivate myself to ask out a girl

Amazing video!

No sport is as raw as triathlon. The way the limits are eliminated, and the people who have always been by your side remind you of why you are there, and to keep going. Wanting to get to that Ironman finish line one day <3

This is by far the best motivational video I’ve seen. I’ve been a triathlete since I was 12 years old (10 years ago) and I’ve been injured for the last 4 month after I did my first half Iron. It’s mentally taxing just as it is physically to not be able to workout and do what I love. This video has gotten me back on my feet to push myself, focus on listening to my body, and getting better. Thank you for this @TC TRi.

Powerful, Inspiring, and Motivating! Thank You!

First Ironman in 8 months… I watch this weekly

Is Greg plitt doing the talking over?

Who’s the guy starting at 3:56 ? That was BADASS

I also start crying watching this video Ironman is really really tough I will also do jai hooooooooo

who else youtube searches “Interstellar motivation”?
lol the soundtrack is perfect for motivation speeches

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