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What A Professional Triathlete Eats in a Day | Triathlon Nutrition

Ever wonder what a pro triathlete eats throughout the day? I recorded everything I ate throughout a typical early season training day. This day consisted of a 90 minute hard ride, a 60 minute swim and some yoga to finish off the day.

Typically during heavy training periods, the biggest difference in my daily diet would be more recovery smoothies, sometimes as many as 3!

I try to avoid processed food as much as possible and try to make all my meals from scratch. When time is an issue, I will make a huge batch of a rice bowl or something I don’t mind eating for a couple of meals in a row. If you need help with your nutrition or not sure what to fuel your workouts with, send me a message and let’s figure out what works for you!

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Dang! I see you are skinny even with all this eating. If I want to work for 10 hours and train still I think I’ll to need to eat way more than you do. So far i have a 5 meal per day plan, but that might not be enough!

Holy fucking paprika

Thanks for posting this video. The recipes we’re simple, clear, and doable for anyone. I’m training for my first tri, and so nutrition is obviously something I’m giving a lot of thought to. Thanks!!

thanks for sharing! do you track your macro’s at all? also what pace do you like to maintain on your runs when your racing?

What does your breakfast meal look like on race day? For example if you have a race at 8am, what are you eating and how early prior to your race?

P L E A S E can you post this Walnut apricot brownie recipe !!!!!!!

Hi. Why did you bike first? Does it have a specific reason?

I think the scientific evidence is overwhelmingly against eating eggs and meat. The rest looks super healthy and yummy. I would eat all that 🙂 except the eggs.

Thanks for the tips as I just added that scrambled egg mix to my breakfast routine, very tasty!

01:00 start here w/ groove

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