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Weightlifter Nick Bare’s Ironman Race Plan: Full Coaching Call

A call with Nick Bare to discuss his race plan for his upcoming Ironman race including how to plane pace on the swim, bike and run, as well as a nutrition plan and what to expect in his first Ironman distance race. How to pack for the race, set up his bike and what to expect on the course.

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seen a few of his videos. can’t say I like him. he’s very American (in a bad way) and obviously very new to the sport as he has no clue what he’s doing. I don’t believe he’ll finish the race.

He better test out UCAN. It doesn’t agree with everyone’s GI.

How was his plan customized vs the trainiac platform?

HI Taran, do you sell customer training plans ?

So fun to watch his progress, and PERFECT advice. IM Florida was my first. Started the run thinking , I am going to crush this. Mile 17 the wheels fell off, body stopped working, and it was a long walk to the finish line 🙂

That happened to me on my run during my first Ironman…… my first two miles was 7:45 pace and definitely regretted it ended up running just over 9 minute mile pace!

Very good advice, very good video!

Such great insight!! But Taren why soda… Thats counter productive to your advise.

They will put sunscreen lotion on you outside the tent at both T1 and T2 … let them do it! I had worst sunburn after the bike because i didn’t.

Taren-THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Ironman Florida is going to be my first triathlon and I’m going to follow your plan for Nick.

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