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Weightlifer Nick Bare does a 11:28 Ironman with just 5 Months of Training

Weightlifer Nick Bare does a 11:28 Ironman with just 5 Months of Training. Nick Bare describes his training and preparation for his first Ironman Triathlon including learning to swim, how he benefitted from zone 2 training and recaps how his race went after using teamtrainiac.com.

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Hard to describe to people the feeling you have when you are biking 24+ MPH blowing by people , u feel like a god

Congratulations Nick, chapeaux!

If you have a bad back, don’t do Spartan. All sorts of awkward lifting.

I can’t believe that. He’s so big!

Yea I agree, this video is missing a lot of points. Taren, again just trying to say everything he does is what everyone else should do. An ironman for nick bare is prob the easiest event he has done in his lifetime. Nothing to ironman is the biggest lie ever told.

A collab would be awesome!

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