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This trick with a water bottle will help beginner triathletes time their triathlon race nutrition plan on race day. By timing your triathlon race nutrition you can ensure the best race possible whether it be a sprint triathlon or full ironman triathlon.

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Is this a hack disguised as a “trick” merry Xmas to you and the traniac family.

awesome trick , can you make a video fir the basic equipments for an IRONMAN in INDIA

First Endurance. Excellent training racing and recovery products. Not the least expensive but well worth it

yeah I ‘m already doing that with a runners bottle . using agave syrup with debubbled coke or apple juice on training on my brik mtb/trail …works for me 🙂 but I dont get that scientific about doses, I juste take every 20min

Hi Taren, question: can one use this calculating chart for running and cycling individual or can one only use it with Sprint, Olympic, Half and full Ironman?

E-gel by crank sports!

The pool you go to looks amazing! My local pool is always so busy when I can get there :/

Félicitation pour ta chaîne qui est vraiment inspirante.

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