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Ventum One Complete Triathlon Bike Unveilling

The Ventum One Triathlon Bike is finally here and assembled! It’s a custom collaboration of parts including Alto wheels, a Shimano Dura-Ace 9100 gear set and a custom decal covering from Bicycle Makeover. A special thanks to James at Alter-Ego Sports for helping Triathlon Taren put it all together.

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im sorry. i dont like the the decal. but if your happy with it that all that matters. ride the shit out of it

are you going to ride it or take it to go clubbing? one awesome bike!

Linda super bike!

Slick bike! Aside from all the bells and whistles, I am loving the retro (but modern) halftone pattern going on!


Loving the ventum. Finally get to see and it turned out great.

Don’t know why Shimano went to synchro shift …. can you get into how that is working out?

Awesome bike. A bit out of my league at the moment, but will continue to dream. As I am a new subscriber to your channel I am wondering if you have any videos that have advice on gear storage solutions for people staying in smaller living spaces. My wife is getting crazy with the mounting amount of gear around our apartment. And my son is also looking to start triathlon in 2019 so more gear and training aids are on the horizon. Always see the bikes and gear in the background so hoping you can help.

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