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Ventum NS1 Road Bike Superbike Unveiling

Ventum NS1 Road Bike Superbike Unveiling. An unveiling of the new NS1 road bike from Ventum and details on the setup and specs of the bike as well as first impressions. Also, the reason behind the design of the bike and the specific components that Triathlon Taren used on the NS1.

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love your videos, but is this a sponsored video? if so, I think its better to inform your viewers especially since you have a large viewer base.. if it is not a sponsored, if there anything you feel can this bike can improve on? good value?

Taren > us, he literally admits he rides over potholes instead of around them XD

Quite a sales pitch Taren. Disappointing, I was hoping for comparisons etc. And for that price, there is just so much to choose from, from brands that are established.

Sorry Taren, love your content but this bike is way over priced for what you get. A new road bike to the market and $6,900.00 for frame and group set. NO wheels. Not on my shopping list!

ugly, but decent for free

Oh dear. Getting deeper ties with slow bike tech 🙁 in both bike and wheels. Doomed to go slow for a very long time now haha.


In my opinion: too much hype for nothing really special, it’s doesn’t really stand out against a bike like a canyon Aeroad and has no “must-buy”-feature which would make it worth for an upgrade because pretty much every triathlete owns a road bike which is fair enough and for the case of an upgrade I personally would stick to my known brands

I am so confused. You haven’t mentioned anything important about this bike purchase like the price, or the weight. Did you say 7:08 shimano gave you the groupset? Are you promoting this bike or buying it yourself?

Sponsored by Ventum… Say ” best bike on the market” and you will get one for free Taren

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