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Triathlon Wetsuit vs Swimskin

Triathlon Wetsuit vs Swimskin. Testing a wetsuit, short sleeved swim skin and sleeveless swim skin to compare how much faster a triathlete can swim and which one triathletes should consider for their triathlon swim training. Also, the difference that a wetsuit or swim skin makes when compared to wearing just a speedo.

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Fatigue setting in there…….

Would I wear a swim skin over a triathlon suit? Or would it not have any effect?

Doesn’t it take like 5minutes to take off a swimskin negating any increase swim speed in a race?

Hey Taren! No matter what the haters say, I LIKE your statistics!

if it didnt look like a Roka commercial I would have liked it. Apart from the fact that it is indeed completely useless statistic wise. But I see a lot of people like it so I must be grumpy today

Krzysztof Kajetanowicz

Spoiler: wetsuit was 6 s/100 m faster than the glorious speedos, a sleeved swimskin 1.5 s/100 m faster than the speedos, and a non-sleeve swimskin was actually slower (very interesting – I assume not just speed matters but maybe there’s less core fatigue in a swimskin or something?).

Love these comparison videos. Keep it up.

Just curious how much fatigue may have had an effect on the later scenarios. Wetsuit definitely is quicker, but am just curious. Thanks for the video!

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