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TRIATHLON TRAINING ZONES: The Power of Zone 2 Heart Rate Training

The Power of Zone 2 Heart Rate Triathlon Training and how triathletes can use low intensity zone 2 heart rate training to increase endurance and speed while maintaining strong cardiovascular strength. Also how zone 2 triathlon training benefits race performance.

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I wish I knew this all the years that I ran my fitness tests for the Army……but I know it now and have seen some good success with 5-10-15k races/runs. The heat and humidity where I live is pretty bad most of the year and it’s difficult to keep in HR 1+2 even with minimal effort. And when I travel to Colorado during summer months its drastically better at altitude verses FL humidity.

hey – what is the name of those wall bike holders? They’re so cool! Thanks for the great videos!!

Glad I found this video. I trained last night trying very hard to stay in zone 2 but it was very difficult, I had to look up if what I was doing was correct and sadly it is that slow lol I’m also going to have to get a treadmill so I’m not seen speed walking. I picture that controversial Mr. T commercial where he pity the fool who speed walks lol

Taren, Thanks for your presentation. I am a Masters athlete coming back after a 30 year break from athletics (middle distance). I am a firm believer in Zone 2 training. I have been training for over 6 months at base. I 100% nose breath and my pulse normally sits at 114 during exercise. My resting pulse rate as dropped from low 60’s to high 40’s over 6 months. I utilize nose breathing to regulate speed and intensity. If my nostrils start flaring, I know its time to stop as I am entering Zone 3.

Hey Taren,
At practice runs, most of the times I’m unable to maintain zone 2.
I have to walk inorder to maintain that zone. Is that ok?

Thanks man, your video kept my motivation to held steady in zone 2 training..

Where is the excel?

What brand is your tt bike looks awesome

Hi Taren, I’m an Italian traniac who has been following your channel for a long time! 🙂
I’m trying to slow down and keep on eye on my heart rate as well as planning easier workouts.. but I find it quite tough for my leg.. going faster is less impacting on my muscles, my legs are very often heavy after a light run.. is it the same for you? Is it normal or does it relate with my (probably not so good) run mechanics?

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