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Triathlon Training Tips I learned from Patrick Lange

Triathlon Training Tips I learned from Patrick Lange while in Lanzarote including calorie and nutrition intake while on a long bike training workout, why focusing on weaknesses in triathlon training is important to improve performance and how motivation and perseverance can help any triathlete with their triathlon training goals.

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Pierre-Francois Gerard

Such a good tip to put warm water down the wetsuit.

“Don’t let your background hold you back” – That’s damn right

Two things: I think I want a dog now and I have to say that your channel has become one of my favorites with all of the instructive information that you dole out. Don’t let the Negative Nannies with their comments affect you. I mean taken as a percentage how much should they affect you 1/10 of 1%? Don’t give them more wattage than any other comment.

Awesome!! I like the bit about not letting your background limit you…All other tips were great as well.

Lol but look at the live coverage of him on the bike @ Kona drinking coke early on the bike, not every golf swing , tennis serve , or swim stoke or triathletes body are the same . Test during training . Thats why I laugh when people avoid the heat on their rides and runs then struggle in a race that is hot . So she can only change or control ourselves in our training or lives . Keep up the good effort . In the sport since 1985 a young and healthy 62 yrs old now using HR in all workouts is the key . Zero major injuries in 34 yrs

2cm difference? I still have hope

Bravo, LISSSSTEN To Yourself…..No one else is you. Good Video. Patrick seems human fo sho. Also, been puttin ice in my clothes for 40 years on hot days…..Patrick lives by this. Core Temp….keep it down. Simple. Always start out slowly in running transition, you can always bring it home in hurry if you have extra juice….don’t burn it all early.

Thanks for a great video – really enjoyed the insights!

I love this video and your channel. I hope Patrick is fine with you sharing personal conversations.

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