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Triathlon Training Motivation: When To Ditch Your Watch

This triathlon training motivation video by Triathlon Taren will help you regain any lost motivation from overtraining, or being a slave to your triathlon training data. You’ll quite often be well served in your triathlon motivation to ditch your watch and train by feel.

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A friend of mine once told me: a watch is great during your run/ride/swim as long as it shows good numbers. It can break you if you are not hitting your targets. Take the performance index Garmin puts out a few minutes in. Really, – 7?!! I actually love data. One point you missed Taren. If you are fed up with your watch, buy a new / better one 🙂 it does help 🙂

Taren, My issue is how I’m motivated one day and cant get out of bed the next.  This weekend I was able to push through the rain and cold and ride outside without issue, even enjoyed it.  The next day the alarm went off and there was just no way I was getting out of bed to go swim…ugh I just need some dependable motivation! (ps I made up the am session with a killer night session, but still felt like I lost the am)

The best tip I have learned is that the watch and the numbers can put undue pressure on you. If you are racing and you find yourself not in a good place then repeated looking at the watch and seeing you are not making your numbers is like a continuous negative reinforcement. You need to ignore that watch sometimes and just keep moving. Turn it over or put it in your pocket but don’t let it drive your performance down further.

Decided to ignore my watch this weekend and see how it went. Ended up pounding out a 10 mile run, which is 4 further than I’ve ever done and still felt like i could have gone further. Was nice to just run and not feel tied to a time.

Wondering as far as energy goes, what’s a good timeline to try and get ready for sprints? I’m trying to mix in some 5k-half marathon distance running just for fun, and trying to figure out if a week before leaves too little recovery time.

And never forget, Kona Kona Kona!

I hit a real low this winter, until I dusted off the old random acts of vandalism. it doesn’t matter if I want to run, I HAVE to run

This is awesome! LOL! 🙂

I don’t think I could survive without my watch, though I get the thought of enjoying the experience and not driving yourself crazy. I am confused on what number we should be paying attention to since you all refer to this power thing. For swimming I go by meters, ad time, and hope the swim WITCH doesn’t drown me. Biking is duration, distance and average speed. And run is the duration, distance, and heartrate. Am I missing something, I am enjoying the moment especially with listening to music during the workouts.

Chicago John

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