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Triathlon Training Day 2 || Max Heart Rate Test

Its day 2! Today i’m doing my max heart rate on the bike and working on my swimming! Can I keep up the daily videos?!?!

The video I used for max heart rate test

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So iam balding because is on my genes and also Iam in the first phase like I have a wide peaks and my skin appears behind my sculp for little.so what I gotta do i have to shave my head or try to save some of my hair that I have Iam 21.

*I need these videos to be longer. Much Love Mr. Sins*

Johnny you are a great guy we here in Brazil are watching you☺☺

Ах тыж извращенец

Thanks bro for this wonderful information. Please bro make a proper triathlon schedule for us from your information. We will be highly thank full to you

for your swimming id recommend “high elbow”
nice vid tho

El pelón de brazzers UwU

Great video legend

Go for a diet video too

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