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Triathlon Tips: Bike to Run Transition — Marc and Helen Jenkins Tips Series

GE Capital Ambassadors Helen and Marc Jenkins take you through their top tips for competing in a Triathlon. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these tips will help improve your performance and improve your time. In this episode, Helen and Marc provide you with their best bike to run transition tips

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I think it’s aimed at beginners.

you would not take you cycling shoes of in a olympic race field
The speed is higher then in a ironman, and here it will be more crowded of people

you “foot can” slip around in them… welsh accent.

leaving your bags in transition is not really done in standard distance tri. less clutter is better for everyone. in 70.3 and Iron distance you need more stuff; nutrition, clothing options etc. and being that this video is aimed at new comers to the sport the idea is simplification. hence no visible nutrition.

skilled triathletes and pros will do T1 & T2 barefoot with bike shoes remaining on the bike throughout. However most beginners are taught to put shoes on in transition as its a safer option (for everyone else too, especially with a crowded course). I assure you Helen races properly when doing ITU and olympic events.

This video is aimed at teaching the basics to beginners and is a really clear and precise video. If people learn this then they can build up to doing T1 & T2 with shoes already on the bike. The idea is the master the basics, hence no nutrition visible in this video. This method done properly can, in a small transition be quicker that someone who’s got their bike shoes already clipped in but then kicks one off while trying to do a flying mount. I’ve seen it happen. Fail, lol.

how do you prep your running shoes with vaseline and talcum powder? is this only for the event or is this a common practice for longer runs?

Nice! I used to have clip in shoes on my old bike…now I have saddles…I actually like this better than biking shoes…the only trouble–if you ever take the foot out-especially while going up hill at a slow speed-good luck getting the foot back in without coming to a full stop!

I think it is so much faster to leave the shoes on the bike and as you are running with the bike you remove your helmet with one hand.

2 seconds to put on some socks?! I take at least 2 minutes lol

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