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Triathlon Taren’s Fat Burning Keto Morning Drinks

Triathlon Taren’s Morning Drinks: 2018 Edition! There are different types of morning drinks that are beneficial for different types of triathlon training workouts. Every day starts with Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee with some MCT oil and sometimes some coconut milk. Also, an updated version of the Bulletproof Coffee Shake with the addition of Spirulina SP2.

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Dude that’s like a $50 shake!

Taren, What kind of blender are you using?

Hi Taren! Which would you recommend before hi intensity morning sessions at a gym or rowing?

MCT oil is great, but since it has calories, it breaks a fast.

I’m on a bit more of an aggressive fast loss eating plan at the moment haha, but great tips! When I’ve reached My goal weight zone I’ll consider the shake!

Very interesting! Since I am sticking to the Maffetone Method for the next 10 months, the coffee with MCT and coconut oil sounds like a great way to start my day before a workout! I’ll give it a try:-)

I love you Taren. But, for a second of real talk. You are not a keto athlete. You are not fat adapted. In your adult life, you have NEVER experienced ketosis. You think MCT Oil doesn’t break a fast because it is “clear”. Jesus man….any calories break a fast. You buy into the marketing tactics of the failing mushroom industry. Dude. “overtaxing the gut” dude…wtf? You’re just listening to talking heads on the internet and spouting this shit out as if it was facts.

The facts are: you are a decent age group 70.3 athlete. You are not exceptional. You train more than enough, but your diet shows your lack of commitment to your own performance. So please, STOP trying to get people to eat like you. You need to lose 6-8% body fat while maintaining your muscle mass if you ever want to break out. Otherwise, please, just focus on being a news reporter, because your health, diet, performance,and fitness is not helping your cause.

You should do a video where you talk about the evolution of your shakes.

stephanie ferguson ross

I work out early in the am. What’s the time frames between shake and workout?

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