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TRIATHLON TAREN RECOVERY plan: no days off for my TRIATHLON TRAINING rest weeks

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Triathlon Taren recovery within his triathlon training plan is prioritized but Trainiacs are always asking when I take a rest day. Here is how Triathlon Taren does rest week and why he’s able to keep triathlon training without any days off.

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How do you translate your pool swims to open water swims? I can swim great in a pool, even fast! But in the open water my wet suit feels like it’s chocking me, I can’t see, and I can’t get around other swimmers. Ps: I have been swimming competitively since I was 5. Open water is so different.

Does a crack composite bike frame reparable?

I’ve found that I absolutely need to include my strength sessions when looking at my TSS and CTL; if I don’t, I risk pushing too hard; especially in the late base phase when I’m pushing hard in the weight room. I simply give each of my strength sessions a manual TSS based on RPE. So, if it’s a 60 min strength, I’d compare that to how a 60 min strength based trainer ride might feel; maybe end up in the 55-65 range. Curious what others do!

Thanks TT that was one of your best videos ,because we all need rest at some time or other ..

Do you find that people gravitate to needing 7 days before bouncing back to normal training (say, for 70.3 and below) or does that vary significantly? Bow how much do you think? I’m probably not completely back to normal form until 9-10 days but doing shorter intervals is doable during that time.

This is really helpful. I hope we All get to witness you stomping or crawling across the line in Kona one day. Love this channel

Good to catch up on Trainiac University after being out of town for 2 weeks!

Your next racen when and were taren?

Hello Taren.Thank you for your awesome video!keep up the good work.love from Philippines.

Ark…lol…more like the north pole!

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