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TRIATHLON TAREN Race times, last name, marriage info, more!

Triathlon Taren is answering the most common autocomplete questions that pop up in Google and YouTube, including his race times, height, age and full name, as well as some special appearances from NTK, Mel and his furry friends.

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“Is triathlon Taren polygamist?” Ahahahaha. Good fun.

We were born on the same year, and I love Gracie’s color! Charcoal Labs (actually, all diluted gene labs) fascinate me. I enjoyed learning more about you and the TT gang (dogs included) in this video!

Krzysztof Kajetanowicz

That’s “triathlon taren HOT wife”, you google-searching idiots!

Try finding 30×36 jeans! You won’t find them. If I had, I’d be wearing them right now. Do you have your hands on a polar vantage watch yet? Also, your garage must be exceptionally well insulated. Mine in Minnesota is not warm enough even for zwift.

Happy belated! Mine is Nov 3!

This makes me feel old as I started racing triathlons before Triathlon Taren was born!

I’m a new triathlete, just doing TRI’s “all that my schedule allows”. My husband is more of a homebody. Last year he was not happy with me being gone alot either swimming, running or at the gym. How does your wife Kim handle your schedule or show her support? Do you schedule time with her?

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