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Triathlon Swimming Trick So You Don’t Lose Your Breath

This triathlon swimming technique will help keep you from losing your breath or feeling like you’re drowning while swimming. By incorporating heart rate monitoring into your triathlon swim training you’ll have a much easier time in the pool

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This is why I’m bad at swimming. It isn’t about effort, it’s about having a Buddhist mindset of peace and inner harmony lol.

I’m Taking swim classes now. My lower half/legs always sink when I try to float. Any tips to keeping my legs up?

Dude, you’re just chock full of awesome. That’s all.

Please wear a shirt during the videos …. please….not hating.. just need the info.

Ok I surrender… Shirts off.. u you are funny.. great tips brugh…

Yes, swimming is using physics of water. Like a fish swim or stay in stream, etc…but most important thing is slow warm up with lung gradually in case try to swim 2km or more…more struggle at beginning, more hard becomes entire swimming process…body need time to adapt changing form of breathing at beginning of swimming.

I think a lot of people breathe too deeply too. Like you’ve said, swimming is like walking, not running. I see many people push out all their air, they should breathe more shallowly

How many folks need to just swim on their backs to rest during, say, a 500 meter sprint triathlon? Are you being a pussy?

Is anybody else having trouble getting the swim drill program? I have entered my email multiple times and never get an email with the drills or anything. Checked my spam filter already.. kind of bummed.

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