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Triathlon Swimming Gear: Taren’s Swim Bag Essentials

What triathlon swimming gear is a beginner triathlete to get when they start out in triathlon? Taren goes through his swim bag essentials to show you what swimming gear you should get if you’re a beginner triathlete training for your first triathlon.

Speedo backpack: http://goo.gl/o26gRz
Finis Tempo Trainer: https://goo.gl/eqNNiF
Finis Freestyle Snorkel: http://goo.gl/GkyP8O
Mesh Swim Bag: http://goo.gl/5bGLy9
Finis Freestyler Paddles: http://goo.gl/TlCx20
Speedo Contoured Paddles: http://goo.gl/B3J0Lm
Pull Buoy: http://goo.gl/ASqjnC
Ankle Band: http://goo.gl/oIju3U
Fins: http://goo.gl/jS2T73
Roka SIM Shorts: http://goo.gl/MBWuFk

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Hey Taren, I find that i am extremely tired and feel drained after swimming. It makes for a long ass day in the office when your falling asleep. Any tips you could offer would be great.

Taren you should do a review of the TYR mummie mesh bag

i love your vids

Yes, I’m commenting on some of your videos I watched awhile back. I have now bought some of these things. Love my new speedo swim bag! I don’t like the paddles, the ones to make sure my stroke is in the right position. I feel like they are either cutting off the circulation of my middle finger or I’m wrapping my index and pinkie fingers around the edges to keep them from moving around. Is there anything else like it that would stay in place a little better? Google is not being my friend when searching.

You might find it obvious, but since I am just recreational swimmer, I can not find out what are the buoy and the black band for? How do you use it? You always show it, saying it is critical and I have no clue where do you put it or what you do with it… 😀

Awesome video! Signed up for my first sprint triathlon at the end of August. Really appreciate your pointers.:)

Taren, have you used the finis tempo trainer a lot? Are you using all the paddles (Agility, freestyler and ISO) for drills? Thanks!

Where’s your finis agility?

Must not forget your Captain America Speedo! Lol

*I’ve been using this carrier for about 6 months, nowt>>>**nub.best/pm6y** and my assessment is that it is the most thoughtfully designed and best manufactured bag that I have ever used in my 60+ years of active lifestyle. It is versatile, comfortable no matter how I choose to carry it, and effectively accommodates every possession that I want to take with me to and from the gym. The size is perfect for me, and I love the way it stands in my locker, ready to give or take my stuff when I’m coming or going. Why, even the base is well designed and functional. Bottom line is, this one is the best, hands down, and I’m glad to own it!*

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