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Triathlon Swimming Catch: The Wrist Watch Method

Triathlon Swimming Catch: The Wrist Watch Method. A swim catch technique focusing on using the wrist to lead the arm through the water so that triathletes can be faster and stronger while triathlon swim training while also avoiding injury to the shoulder and arm.

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Awesome video! Reminded me about using lats. Great to see Pete and Graysie too.

This makes sense to me. I struggle with my swim. I’ll be thinking of this next time I’m in the pool. Also, most importantly, please continue to include more doggy footage. I have my own I have to deal with. #lovedogs

You can force to propel yourself with your arm instead of your hand by making some pools with the fists closed. That force you to pay more attention to your arm position rather than just pushing water with an open hand. Also you have to kick a little harder and increase your stroke rate.

This was amazingly insightful. I believe leading with the wrist can be further enforced doing the tennis ball drill or closed fist drill. I’m charging my GoPro now for my next swim workout to see if I can implement your technique. Thank you for all you continue to do for the sport!

Super helpful. One of your best vids ever!

Great breakdown! Also, more puppy footage! Got 2 shorthairs who wrestle just like Petey and Gracey!

Great break down of the stroke!!!! By the way, you might be starting the pull with your left hand just a bit early, which causes your left arm to drift out to stabilize your body. I’ll be taking your wrist watch method to the pool with me:)

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