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Triathlon Shoes Vs Running Shoes

Triathlon Shoes and Running Shoes have some subtle differences for triathletes looking to find the absolute best running shoe for triathlon. Triathlon Taren discusses differences between triathlon and running shoes such the cushioning, when to use each during training, the lacing system, the interior, and other differences.

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Francisco Rubio Barraza

Hi TTaren! Before blaming your running shoes on your foot problems, did you take a look on your bike shoes? We tend to have many running shoes. By switching between them in training, we get different stimuli to the feet and therefore avoid injuries.The same should be the case on the bike. My recommendation, try flat pedals during off-season, they are cheap and you don’t need extra shoes. They will also teach your muscles (neuro-muscular connexion) to be more efficient in your pedal stroke.Greetings,Paco

I have the Clifton 4s. Love them, but they’re completely worn-through @ 184kms. That’s ridiculous.

I have an old pair of Reebok crossfit shoes one of their first. Never been injured in them, they feel great and have outlasted several pairs of Nike run specific shoes.

Hey Taren, question for you after seeing you run on snow. I got super lucky last winter and got very little snow and more rain in the midwest so I could run outside all winter. Do you have any snow hacks to avoid the dreaded treadmill? Do you modify your shoes at all? Curious what winter conditions cause you to run on a treadmill or cancel your run workout altogether.

Hoka Ahari and never going back.

Hey Taren, I couldn’t help but notice the Halo neuroscience headphones in the back. I was wondering what you think about them? Do you believe they provide a noticeable advantage? Have you seen any real benefit in your powernumbers for example? Kind regards from Belgium!

What do you think about arch support inserts?

I wear asiscs nimbus for training and road races and then asiscs noosa tri11 for tri races

Hey! I wear Zoots! I don’t really like them…. but I have them!

The best running shoe selection guide.

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