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Triathlon Nutrition Plan Part 4: Gels vs Chews vs Bars vs Liquid

Triathletes dialling in their triathlon nutrition plan need to decide whether their calories come from gels, chews, bars, or liquid and these are the pros and cons of each. Entire Triathlon Nutrition Plan Series here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6AevA3hW4iQ&list=PL_mMJdHlxQ3uWlYqeCPcOV0TqgPHgp0A9 Triathlon Taren discusses whether triathletes should take gels, chews, bars, or liquid for their race nutrition calories and what the pros and cons are for each.

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It’s like you were reading my mind. I’m new to triathlon and I’ve always been a long distance cyclist. Nutrition has ruined far too many of my road rides. It’s great to have some concrete advice to follow and I love the calorie calculator that you sent to me in my email. Your YouTube channel is helping me immensely to plan for my first triathlon season. Thanks Taren!

I like eating a couple of those honey stinger waffles. A good break from gels and chews

You need a nutrition sponsor!

So far, I’ve found that I like gels in a reusable flask. I mix it with a little water, to adjust the consistency to what works for me. Plus I like not generating trash that may end up on the ground. My 2 cents on that. Keep up the great info and fun, Taren. Thanks!

Great Video what do you think of UCAN? I used it for my ironman distance race and it worked for me. But its like$$$$$$.

Awesome series! Thanks Taren! Definitely helped me figure out where to start with my nutrition plan and the different options to look into.

I like the old gels… chewing them makes it feel a little like a meal in the middle of a marathon. My favorite are the Gu Gels…

Hi Taren, just watched this video and wonder if you still have the nutrition guide on your website. I clicked on the Nutrition Race option but haven’t get any emails regarding. Thanks

This may sound like a noob question, but what about consuming a five hour energy shot before the race or during? What about coffee before the race?

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