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Triathlon Nutrition for Vegans and Gluten-Free Triathletes

Triathlon Taren explains his triathlon nutrition and how he gets enough protein and nutrients while eating mostly vegan and gluten-free. He also goes on his longest triathlon training run ever for his training to prepare for Ironman 70.3 Campeche 2017.

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Thanks for this. Really similar stuff that I’m eating. I’m a vegan myself and training for triathlon. Chickpeas, lentils and beans are the base of my diet at home, often served with tomato sauce and coconut cream + indian spices etc. That I eat with quinoa or rice and salad. I’m not too paranoid about protein intake myself, but after gym or hard training I tend to take rice protein with oat milk and creatine to ease up the recovery. Peanutbutter I have to avoid, because it’s like cocaine to me and I can’t stop eating it. And I don’t think eating 7000kcal per day is a good plan in the long run. Btw. not trying to be a wiseass, but some people (not me) consider honey as non vegan food. However, please keep posting and cultivating those awesome jokes!

Great vid bro! You make me laugh every time I watch you……Taren vids for stress relief lol

Cool Taren!…I don’t know you were plant-based..so am I.

ha.ha. you get your protein from the same place animals do…plants !!!

This is the content I have been looking for! Why haven’t I seen you before? Also- that brand glutenfree bread is life.

Taren, I am sorry but you cannot be the world’s number one peanut butter eater; I don’t know of anyone who consumes more natural peanut butter than I do 😉

great story…lurv it

Like your video,
congratulations on choosing to be more vegan.
Whole fresh plants make miracles with your energy and pounds.
Greetings and success

Can you recommend someone that trains as a triathlete that eats meat? Do they have a vlog?

Doesn’t the sound of the bike get to you? or does it sound different from your side? maybe its just the mic. regardless love your videos and I watch them everyday and learned a lot so far helping me to train for first triathlon

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