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Triathlon Newsday September 3: IRONMAN DOPING, ITU Champs, Saris H3 & The Von Bergs

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Kayla’s story: ❤️❤️❤️

Taren I heard you dope pretty seriously too! Don’t tell us that all this “High Performance” is because of your snake oil SP2 life!

Race Pace Masters Swimming

Clen makes you skinny

Zell am See AUSTRIA!! You are not paying attention to details.

Re: Trainiac Story

Any story that starts with something along the lines of “I don’t consider my story to be to remarkable” generally is remarkable.

Been following Nick’s progress toward IMFL and highly recommend his journey along with Team Trainiac. Looking forward to that podcast. Thanks Nick AND Taren.

Built like a curler, lol. Taren, why are the Canadian Women’s curling teams at the Olympics always so damn attractive

Hey Taren, did my first 70.3 in Santa Rosa California. Absolutely loved the race, perfect conditions and A BIG THANK YOU as I took your advice and tips from your vids and had a great, comfortable and enjoyable race! I can’t wait to do more 70.3’s and the full! 🙂

The rules of swimming start in Niece are the strangest (to put it politely) thing ever. Some odd wave – rolling start combo with elder agegroupers going before the youngsters. It cannot result in anything but mess and unfair results.

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