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Triathlon News October 29, 2019: USAT and CBD Sponsor, NIKE shoes not legal and AI Doping testing

Triathlon News including USA Triathlon starting sponsorship with Pure Spectrum, a CBD oil company, amid recent suspensions among triathletes testing positive for THC from other CBD Products, WADA announces using AI to assist in anti-doping testing. The IAAF says the new line of Nike % shoes goes against their current rules on athletic equipment. Race results including wins for Sam Appleton and Javier Gomez. Triathlon Taren Podcast updates, the Trainiac Story of the week & more!

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Ayyyy! Roberto and I share the same birthday! 🙂

Applying the Nike logic to our sport is hilarious. Let us ban Di2 and disc brakes because not every athlete can afford to upgrade their bike from mechanical and rim brakes to Di2 and Disc brakes.

Great marketing strategy by Nike. They inflated the price, created the controversy and sat back to watch all those suckers line up and pay.

Solid video mate. So controversial with the Nike shoes. But what I don’t get is that, ASICS and Hoka have similar tech in their shoes yet no allegations to those brands. Haha maybe people just think the Nike look more appealing and that’s why they don’t use the other brands haha.
A+++++ on AI doping initiative. Thanks for all the news

Krzysztof Kajetanowicz

Whoa! The Nike shoes ARE available to all athletes. An athlete may CHOOSE to sign a sponsor and run in the sponsor’s shoes. They say they “can’t” run in Nikes when they’re sponsored by Saucony, but sponsoring is not slavery. Nothing is stopping these athletes from saying goodbye to Saucony and buying $250 Nike shoes (if Nike won’t or can’t sponsor them).

Not extremely expensive. There are more expensive. Available to anyone who afforded to buy a bike.

0:25 you mean agency…

If the Nike trainers are available to buy on the high street then that’s fair game. Being sponsored by another shoe manufacturer is every athletes choice, if they want the Nikes, end the sponsorship and buy them.

Adidas just beat 3 next% at Amsterdam marathon

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