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Triathlon News November 5, 2019 : Lionel Sanders and Rinny WIN, Worlds First Virtual Triathlon!

Triathlon News including USA Triathlon announcing their 2020 Hall of Fame inductees including Mike Plant and Team Hoyt. Virtual Triathlon announcement as well as how to apply for the 2020 Zwift Tri Academy Team. Race results including Ashely Gentle winning the Noosa Multi-Sport Festival Triathlon, Lionel Sanders and Mirinda Carfrae winning Ironman 70.3 Las Cabos and Rudy Von Berg and Chelsea Sodaro won the 70.3 South American championships in Argentina and at Ironman Florida, Joe Skipper and Ben Hoffman punched their tickets to Kona 2020. Triathlon Taren Podcast updates, Trainiac Story of the week and more!

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Congratulations, Nick 🙂

I think joe skipper’s performance deserved a bit more attention taren… 2:39 off a 4:05…. come on!!!!

Hey Taren ..think Nick did a 70.3 a few weeks back…so the Ironman was his second triathlon (could be wrong but think so)

Yo Nick & Taren Stay Strong Hoo-ah!

I’ve done similar workouts to those and they aren’t that bad. A few will make you breathe heavy for sure but nothing that will take you to the well proverbially speaking.

I was among the many 1000s that did Noosa on the weekend. Is such a great event, if any of you are in this neck of the woods you should give it a go. You should come down and do it Taren 🙂

Krzysztof Kajetanowicz

Next time, could you please keep Ashley Gentle’s photo on the screen for a couple of more seconds, even while you read Jake Birtwhistle’s name?

Marvellous Job, I compleatly enjoyed it!, See this New Album ‘Monish Jasbird – Death Blow’, channel link http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ?sub_confirmation=1 , you may like it 🙂

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