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TRIATHLON NEWS July24, 2018: Cheater Busted, Heather Jackson wins Ironman Lake Placid, 2020 Olympics

Triathlon news including: cheater busted at San Diego International Triathlon, Heather Jackson wins Ironman Lake Placid 2018, dates announced for the triathlon in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and of course a trainiac story.

Tokyo Olympic triathlon schedule: https://goo.gl/7yUcKa
Busted Triathlete: https://goo.gl/NkPXKJ
Bermuda WTS Triathlon Profits: https://goo.gl/8nhXb5
Gwen Jorgensen Podcast: https://goo.gl/3Zpc5k

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TT – I know you are going to Kona. I know Talbot is going to Kona. I know you both communicate. What’s the chance we will get some sort of collaboration between you two?! 🙂

Really enjoyed this! Keep it up!

Great story, always good to see u. keep going forward.

Wow! I was in that race in San Diego. That lady is totally nuts! There were plenty of people from Arizona. 1st in my age group was somebody from Mexico. The announcers couldn’t have been more welcome to the non-Californians. It’s such a beautiful race and such a great time, it’s too bad such a toxic person had to taint it.

That was awesome, love the added comments, just hilarious.

Great job Christian!

Just started training triathlon and found your channel after watching several YouTube videos of ultra running, cycling, and Ironman stories. I love your content and your lovely Canadian disposition, my new favorite channel! My first tri, a reverse sprint, happens at the end of the month, but I’m already signed up for IM St George 70.3 2019… can’t wait to submit my Trianiac story in the future. Keep up the great work!

Taren, really like News Day!  Actually I like all your videos.  Thanks for taking the time to educate us newbies and promote the sport.  You rock!

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