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Triathlon News July 23: Races Cancelled All Over North America

Triathlon news including USA Triathlon Club crowns national championship teams, New York City Triathlon and Super League Penticton are cancelled for different reasons and Ironman announces the return of Ironman Canada. Johnathon Brownlee wins over Mario Mola at the World Triathlon Series event in Edmonton and Jan Van Berkel wins Ironman Switzerland. Triathlon Taren Podcast updates, the Trainiac Story of the week and more.

USA Tri – https://go.teamusa.org/30SESj6
WTS Highlights:
Women – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4IsSTzRhg8
Men – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i97BLyXJwXc

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Link to the USA Triathlon club rankings?

Did you sign up for IMC?! Near instant sell out for a historic and epic event – unlike that unloved and much maligned IM Bolton. Lol.

What is super league?

Love the news.

6:54 everyone loves a race that ends in a field sprint, cycling, Triathlon, running…

Hi Taren, I participated at Ironman Switzerland and finally got an IRONMAN :). I hace decided 1 year ago to become an Ironman…this race was my first ever triathlon (seriously), as i have started exactly one year ago to train for. My average trainingweeks were 9hrs and I completed the course in 10:57h :-)…I was soooo proud and emotional of getting an Ironman and seeing all my family, friends and wife waiting for me at the finish line. I would say this was my bigest day in my life after my wedding and even for my wife!! Just wanted to say that i have learned so much from your chanel and therefore wanted to thank you for your great work your doing everyday, you rock 🙂

38c temp in New York haha. That’s a normal summer day in Australia.

Hang on a second. I recognise that Traniac in the story at the end. It’s me!

Thanks so much for featuring me in your excellent News day Tuesday.

I showed it to Claire and Phoebe and they both loved it.

Keep up the good work TT

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