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Triathlon News Aug 6, 2019: Lance Armstrong Makes Millions off Cycling

Triathlon News including VENTUM announces Series A Funding which will fund the growth of the company to a target of 40,000 bike sales amounting to $50M. Red Frog, the company that runs the Warrior dash races has cancelled all their upcoming races and is going out of business. Lance Armstrong is making millions of cycling again with his The Move podcast and Wedu Sports. Super League Canada in Ottawa was won by Ryan Bailie, Nicole Van Der Kaay and Charlotte McShane, Corrinne Abraham won Ironman Tallinn and Half Ironman Boulder was won by Chris Lieferman and Skye Moench. Triathlon Taren Podcast updates, Trainiac Story & more!

Ventum: http://bit.ly/2MBqc46
Warrior Dash: http://bit.ly/2KkSQ6O
Lance Armstrong: https://bloom.bg/2Ztm6hM

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Wasnt just the altitude at IMBoulder70.3, it was the heat too. It was 98F (36.7°C) by the time I finished my run.

Kudos to Ventum. Great people and a fantastic bike.

Now that the word is out that Armstrong is making money on that podcast-it’s gonna end. Tell me I’m wrong.

Thought this was a triathlon news show… poor form jumping on Lance’s back just for more views.

I think Lance adds a new aspect to cycling commentary. He’s very out spoken and will always say what he thinks and that makes great listening. He likes a rant and that brings up discussion and often leads to insights of what it’s like in a pro cycling team. So what if he makes a few $$, I like the different angle they take, but the quality is still way below the Eurosport team and the Sir Bradley Wiggins podcast 😉

at least Lance Armstrong is saying who sponsors his show and isn’t announcing “the bike brend we love”….”a and yes they are our supporters”….this channel delivers less and less content…

Nice story from Jeff !!

Rough crowd with the comments: it amazes me how Lance Armstrong makes any athlete from any sport background come out with an opinion on him!

You should talk about how USAT is down and suffering in memberships and the affect this is having on triathlon. Lance has been doing his podcast for awhile now, no news now. He does a great job interviewing his guests.

It’s Skye Moench, like launch, but with an M. Not Mench. Plus she’s originally Canadian, so show her some love!

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