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Triathlon News Aug 13, 2019: Ironman CEO Tells All, No More Triathlons in Ireland?

Triathlon News including: why Triathlon Ireland is saying that endurance sports and the future of triathlons is in jeopardy in Ireland, Financial Times does a story on Ironman CEO Andrew Messick, USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals, Ironman Cebu 70.3 highlights, Half Ironman Gdynia results, and team trainiac news.

Andrew Messick article: https://on.ft.com/2H49lmL

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Taren: “I have the build of a sprinter.”

Taren 10 min later: “I could probably win a 520k…”

Those protests are in Hongkong and not in Cebu. Ironman Cebu has been going on strong for the past years and the Cebu island in Philippines caters to 5.5Million tourists last 2018. Fact check please.

Yeah, but does Patrick fit Michael ??

Hey Taren. Love your videos. I think your wrong in 70.3 Cebu and also the flight in Cebu. IM 70.3 cebu are one of the best race and event in Asia. You Should try it. 😉 ask Craig Alexander, Tim Reed, T. Bozzone and the rest of the pros what their experiences in cebu and why they always race there. 🙂

Krzysztof Kajetanowicz

Wow. A book about swimming by a non-coach. Your channel is brilliant, but I wonder if it’s good enough to sell the book?

The problem with Ironman is the price. They cost to much and for example my self I´m only looking at challenge races. I feel like the sport is getting to ridiculous expenses just to age group athletes.

RAYOR- Race At Your Own Risk

You missed Ironman 70.3 Calgary! That was last weekend. I saw a another racer in Trainiac gear. Knocked 35 minutes of my PB. 15 of that was one the run. Did some split runs after hearing about that on your channel. Didn’t beat myself up overtraining. Thanks!

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