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Triathlon Behind the scenes photoshoot

Triathlon Behind the scenes photoshoot
BLOG post: https://hkvisuals.com/the-right-results/

Making and delivering the right content for your client. Creating images that will satisfy them, images you will like and defend, adjusted to the project’s budget and to your client’s needs.

It sounds easy, but in reality, it isn’t…

Huge thanks to these 2 amazing Triathletes :
Emilie Morier & Alexandra Bailly

Sometimes you have to make it simple
Working with the Fujifilm GFX50s
and the GF 32-64mm f4 R LM WR + GF110mmF2 R LM WR


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I’m a fashion and portrait photographer. I’m starting to do more fancy portraits now. I’m so sad though that you ditched your Canon gear. C’est la vie

Great video sir

Mikey Stevenson Media

Great job here.
I’m mainly a CrossFit Photographer, but looking to do more fitness stuff.

My genre is newborn, maternity, portrait and event photography!

what is tge viewfinder you have , with hotshoe attatched or part of it? Never saw before.

I’m doing more portraits now, but I was focused more on sports and landscape in the past. This is another great video. Your work is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your process and logic. It helps as I work on my own projects.

Regarding the genre question: does ‚ allmorgendlich everything‘ count? I shoot since 2 years as an amateur and I am doing what ever I like: buisnes events, parties, concert, my family (documentary), portraits, landscape, macro/closeups and street. I don‘t want to restrict myself into one or two genres. That means I have still heaps to learn and I could allways stay jack of all trades and master of none. But it also means that I stay flexible and ob my toes… and the most interesting thing with all this is to see how the different genres are complementing each other and how a trick or idea from the macro world can be applied to portraiture:)

Portrait, events, landscape, food.

This weekend I try a karate shoot. I found it very interesting those shoots you did few months ago.

Love this! My passion is themed shoots. Vintage, boxing, fantasy, retro ALL with costume and period pieces. Something that is different, unique and out of ordinary.

Blog post for those who need it: https://hkvisuals.com/the-right-results/ See y’all in the next!

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