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Triathlon Aero Helmets: Visor vs No Visor

Triathlon Aero Helmets: Visor vs No Visor. What the differences are between triathlon helmets with visors and without and what triathletes can take into consideration when making the choice of which type of helmet to race in and how they can make a difference in how much time triathletes spend in transitions.

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I don’t care what the aero advantage is, you’ll never catch me in a sperm shaped helmet lol

Aero road style is totally fine

Krzysztof Kajetanowicz

I’m a visor dude, too. Mostly for the better field of vision. The downside is, they can (allegedly) get foggy in the wrong weather.

Visor keeps you warmer

I’ve actually been testing my helmet with and without visor. I have the Giro Air attack. I have found that when going fast on flats or down a hill, the wind sneaks under the visor and into my eyes. I have decided to go with clear vision while descending over the coolness factor. Just something I’ve found for me.

You are awesome Taren!, but have really you just advised people to listen to music/podcasts while cycling? Danger!

I am looking for a visor helmet because with my sports glasses, I look over the upper edge when resting on the extensions. The additional benefits of having less wind noise and a tiny bit of time saving in TT are welcome, too!

I am going for non-visor. I used to have one with a visor that was supposedly faster than a normal one. However, it always interfered with my prescriptions glasses that I need (contacts are not possible for me). Also, it just got so very hot in my face that I found my whole head to overheat on longer, warm rides. That one broke recently, so I now went for a POC ventral, an aero road helmet that is a lot cooler, allows for my glasses and, very subjectively, K also find to look better. Way happier now

Hi, love the channel! What sunglasses were you wearing?

T man ! Thanks for the awesome review!! Quick question, visor. Does it fog up from time to time?

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