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Time Trial Bike Vs Road Bike: What’s The Best Triathlon Bike For Climbing?

What is the best bike for triathlon? Could your bike leg be faster in your next triathlon? GTN’s ex-pro triathlete Mark Threlfall puts road bike vs TT bike to the test on hilly terrain.

Comment 👇 with your predictions.

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For flat triathlons, your choice of bike is probably clear. But, what about hillier tris? Is there really an advantage to a super aero time trial bike or would you be better (given the choice) on a lightweight road bike?

This is the ultimate test of TT setup vs road bike. If a TT bike can match a road bike on a climb, we’d suggest that a TT bike is the bike for a hilly course. But, if a road bike is significantly faster, that makes things more complicated as it’s a fair assumption that the road bike won’t be faster on the hilly sections of your bike leg.

To put our theories to the test on this one, Mark chose to ride his Cervelo P5X first on the climb on San Salvador in Mallorca. After a coffee and a rest, he then attacked the climb on his Cervelo S5. What are your predictions for this one? Let us know down in the comments and don’t forget to like, share, subscribe and set notifications.

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Comments (9)

You would have been much faster on the TT bike when riding the flat parts in the aero position.


We’re looking at 2 seconds difference. Maybe wind conditions ? Difference in gearing, a shift here and there that wasn’t timed ? I’m thinking there is little difference in the bikes. We all know as the day gets deeper, wind conditions aren’t nearly as calm as the earlier hours ?

Is the P5X now a legal TT bike?

“I would like to test this further on something steeper and longer […]” – Mark, the absolute mad man

Did you end up doing a TT vs Road bike test on “something steeper and longer”?

You mentioned that you began with a long, shallow gradient…how was your power as you began to climb into the steeper section? Did they remain constant between the two bikes? If you were able to break them down into mile sections, which bike had faster splits?

Thanks! Love your content!

mclaren bike vs lamborghini bike -whitch is better

If u had done the exact same power the road bike wud probably be faster. Btw u should have compared heart rate as well

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