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The Win Tunnel: Triathlon Head Positions

Head up, head down, somewhere in between? We test the fastest head positions.

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Ahead of Kona, we test the three most common head positions in our Win Tunnel aboard the all-new, Kona-optimized S-Works Shiv Disc. Let’s see what’s fastest?

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Surprised by the results. I would have thought position 2 would be best. Wondering if a different helmet would show different results??? Large cone sticking way up in the air in position 3. This study is interesting but maybe too simplistic?

why no company makes mirrors attached to handlebars so the.rider can keep an aero position?

Why don’t you measure with watts saved rather than time saved over 40km. To me it’s a lot easier to understand.

Could you do a video about the aerodynamic advantage of the “superman” position on a bike? See how many seconds over 40k downhill one could save 😉

Good info, obviously would depend on the helmet as well; e.g. a more stubby, rounded helmet such as a kask bambino or a poc cerebro, might do better with the head down. Question though, if you have a strong yaw angle /side wind, are you better off crouching really down & tucking in, or turning your head (slightly) into the wind? Assuming you’re wearing your TT helmet.

good work guys. straightforward and simple facts. one area which can really disturb results is that all athletes will run a GPS head unit and will often glance at it to ensure timings, watts etc. See our TT mount which enables the best position for viewing possible. https://www.76projects.com/shop/garmin-tt-mount-trpcw please get in touch

Sounds like the shrug could be the biggest reason…

Maybe straighten those wheels..

what about the cross win tunnel

Can you guys tell me the real difference between the evade II and the evade Tri helmet? I mainly do sprint triathlons on an s-works venge and am needing to replace my existing giro helmet.

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