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The Unfortunate Dark Side of Triathlon

Triathlon isn’t all well and good around the world, there are triathletes causing emotional distress for themselves and others by how they approach the sport and how they interact with their fellow triathletes. Triathlon Taren talks about some of the bad parts about triathlon like burnout, lack of goals, ultra competitive attitudes.

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I totally agree, who else can brag they suck at 3 sports at the same time and smile. Then keep sucking at them while repeatedly continue to doing them. This guy can !

Good video. A lot of AG athletes take it way too seriously. I left PTG a long time ago because of that.

Always gonna be the haters and those who have to lord it over others in every walk of life. Takes all sorts I guess from ‘only in it to win it’ to ‘ hey I’ll be ecstatic if I actually complete it before the cut off time.’ They’ll be those on iron horse bikes and those with top of the range brand new every year machines. Camaraderie counts though and memories long, I just want to make my kids proud and see them grow into decent people who can overcome the obstacles they will face – and not become the obstacles. Sense of humour, sense of pride with a dash of humility and the ability to cheer on and celebrate others required.

Love it Taren. Keep it up

Yes now you’re talking sense. I call those “Dark Side” dudes TriSnobs, they have the best bikes with the sweetest colours. If I sit down with them and add my ten cents I get that trisnob look “who are you?”. I have known many who a few years back said to me don’t believe anything you read in Triathlon magazines. It’s all BS. Now those same people are earning big bucks selling their services as coaches. Triathlon has lost its fun side because of the seriousness people add to it. Now there are helmets for bikes, marshalls acting as policemen, compression socks, timing chips. The fun has gone with the myriad of technical ‘advantages’. By the way I am 76 and started tri’s after watching TV in 1982

Your videos are funny as hell….classic!

Not sure if you read all of these Taren. I’m a competitive powerlifters and also run competitions. Powerlifting is also a triathlon compromising 3 events. I haven’t done a tri yet but was surprised when I realised that triathlon has the same issues as powerlifting. Essentially, lots of neurotic people letting out their anxieties on others. It’s part of the gig, and as both sports grow they will attract more lunatics. Our job is to find the cool people.

I will keep it short and sweet. Well said Taren!

Just rewatching this today – such a valuable message, as I’m feeling pretty down and training recently, and trying to get back to having fun, instead of focusing on times and long term goals :))))

Ok, so I just saw this one, and I am new to the sport (2 years). I am happy to say that I have not run into the dark side yet. My Key West tri club is an awesome bunch of supportive people. The races I have done in Miami, were in general, positive (except for 18 year olds). However, thanks for saying it. Come visit Florida!

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