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The Story of the Closest Olympic Triathlon Finish Ever | Olympics on the Record

DON’T MISS – The Race According to Silver Medallist Lisa Norden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3vxefnlEqo

After two hours of swimming, cycling and running, a photo finish is almost unheard of, but it happened in women’s triathlon at London 2012 between Lisa Norden and Nicola Spirig.

Find more about the story behind Record breaking moments in “The Olympics on the Record series”:

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I legit remembered seeing this on live TV and I was so amazed how close it came down.

If her body wear was just bigger..

if it was just two meters longer, the swede wouldve won.

just get them to race again

Isn’t Noreen from Sweden?

It shouldn’t be detected by foot. Instead maybe body cause some people have long strides.

It was clear to see who won. She touched the banner first

I’m Swiss but I feel for Norden. Was one of the most exciting things I’ve seen in live sport ever. Norden took it all the way to CAS cos they were given same time – therefore her case was: same time for a race of that length = share of gold. But CAS ruled something like that was the award on the day so there was no case to overule that decision as it wasn’t technically incorrect. (i.e. they couldn’t see if Norden had touched first) so the result stood. [CAS = Court of Arbitration for Sport – based in Lausanne, Switzerland :)]

*She should have jumped at the last moment!*

if she just wore bigger bra

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