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The Journey | A Film About Triathlon

What does it take to swim, bike, run 140.6 miles? This is the story of an average Joe looking to do big things!

Film by Zack Johnson 2017

All music used by permission

Special Thanks to:
Joe Wong
Pasadena Triathlon Club
Endurance Nation
World Triathlon Corperation


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Abhishek Ankur Paul

Track name starting 4:15? Anyone?

Great movie! Such an inspiration! What’s the song called at 8:02? – really need it to my playlist 🙂

Busco el ironman que se celebra hoy en Texas en vivo para ver el seguimiento de mi hijo durante ja carrera , pero no hay nada o si?

Thank you. Really needed this.

this video was incredibly inspiring. It motivated me to email and find the closes races to me. As a kid I raced in tons of road runners races always qualifying and I remember it was fun! Life happens and I lost focus on what makes me happy and I still struggle with that but this video pushed me this morning to put one foot in front of the other. Pretty badass man Thank you!

Awesome Video !

I must honestly say I don‘t like the approach of the guy. I am not a big fan of only doing sport competition for health and fun, a competition is about winning or at least giving your absolute best and he didn’t seem like that was what he was trying to do.

Loved it and quite encouraging…! Am not a swimmer but its time to try if am ever to give triathlon a try….!

Loved this video!!! You are lucky they did not catch you with your helmet undone in minute 8:29 of the video. My coach hounds me on this one as I train for my Ironman. Thanks for the motivation!!

Loved the video. Thanks for sharing and good luck in the future.

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