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The closest Ironman finish ever in the history of the triathlon race

This is officially the closest finish ever in the history of the Ironman race. Chattanooga Ironman 2015 video by Jim Tanner.

Kirill Kotsegarov won in the final meters by just 2 seconds. Matt Chrabot placed second. Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015.

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That was less than 2 seconds? Did you mean 0.2s?

Looks like about 0.5 s to me.

The Real MVP in my eyes is the dancing ice-cream cookie

0.2 seconds…agreed.

This is insane a race of this length came down to this finish.

Two guys hit heads

Funny how they all roll over and die at the end

That fucking sucks lol. I wud be pissed.

The closest triathlon is actually a tie

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