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The 7 Unwritten Rules Of Triathlon

There are all sorts of rules and customs in triathlon that can seem a bit confusing at first. But follow our 7 unwritten rules of triathlon and you’ll find you’ll enjoy your triathlon experience a lot more.

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Demonstrating sportsmanship and respect for your fellow athletes is important in any sport. From when to wear an aero helmet, to the correct open water swim etiquette, Mark and Heather run through a few unwritten rules of triathlon to help you make sure you’re not accidentally frustrating your fellow athletes.

Let us know if you think there are any unwritten rules we’ve missed in the comments down below 👇

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Comments (10)

So t wear white in case you crap yourself? This happens!?

simply not taking up too much space at the bike racks. Really awful to see someone who has taken up half the rack. Newbie move.

Can someone explain the “No TT Bikes/Aerobars” on club ride rule? Why is this considered faux pas?

Bit pretentious there guys. Who cares what people wear. Says more about the character of people who shun others. Noticing a lot of cocks in triathlon at the minute. Wear what you want. Be pleasant. Listen to information given. Be wary of assholes, lots of them seemed to have picked up triathlon just to talk about themselves.

Stupid rules.
1. If you train with only one suit because that is the only one u have and can afford…? Do it!
2. U have only one bike because that is what you can afford. It might me a road bike or a time trial bike…what ever… It is absolutly ok to train with your racing machine when ever u want. If others don’t like it, it’s theyr problem and not yours.
3. Keeping the number on your bike after race. If it makes u feel good and it is a big accompluschment for you and it motivates you…what’s the problem?
Those who actually have a problem with it, is because to many focus on what others do instead of focusing on what they have to do, and allways find a reason to make you feel bad if you are different and don’t follow the main stream. This tipe of personalities are loosers! A winner tipe of personality would come to you and say: I see you still have the number on your bike…whas it maybe your first race? I’m sure you are proud of your accomplishment, well done!
Or maybe that person forgot to take it away, or didn’t found the moment and doesn’t even care a deam fk…sh…about it! , but seams like every one else does, why? ….and supposes and invents storys and finds a reason to ridiculize others.
4. The best place to get used to you racing gear is during training. Why not wearing an aero helmet? Important is to wear a helmet and to protect your head!
What if that person just lost or broke the “allowed” helmet? Shoud he/she train without it? Or worry because some guys say and think that it is not appropiate? Listen…just do what the fuck you wanna do! It’s you gear, it’s your life and you don’t have to give nor explaim to anyone why you choose this ora that helmet, or that bike. Just fucking train, enjoy workout and stay with people that accept others just the way they are, and support each other.
5.And if you are in the mood of wearing an aero helmet or what ever you want, then do so.
Stay true to your self, and enjoy beeing your self!
It just makes me piss of when I hear a bunch of non sense.

I fully agree on the dunking part. Freaking dangerous and can get someone with water anxiety killed. Just don’t do onto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.

A tad snobby. Let dorks be dorks. You guys are just king of the dorks.

Oh god. I am suddenly scared of doing my first triathlon. What if I got hit in the water. That would be terrible

Farting on a group ride anyone?


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