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Team GB’s Alistair Brownlee wins triathlon gold again in Rio

Team GB’s Alistair Brownlee edges out brother Jonathan to become the first triathlete to win back-to-back Olympic titles.

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Brilliant & hope He can get an Hat Trick of Golds!, Him and His Brother could start a Jewellery Business with all the Golds they have Won Between Them!.

How do the Brownlees just do it at the olympics like

I’m related to them! ( not close relation but still lol )

That’s a wrong commentary there. Johnny didn’t get the bronze in London because of a penalty but because Gomez ran a better race. Even without the penalty, he would still be 3rd.

For the first boy, every man for himself? And what about the other boys? Those guys want locked up.

Want to seem someone go the bike alone I see it at our domestic series but be so cool

In my city. Brasil

0:26 Vamo’ Argentina vamo’

Why did Mrs Brownlee only have two kids??

they are the only two in that race that have the natural body anatomy of a person that will compete in high level intense sport that require extraordinary stamina such 10Km race

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