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Swim, Bike, and Run Times Required to be a Front pack Triathlete

Time required to be an Elite Triathlete. If a triathlete wants to aim to be part of the elite top 5% of triathlon performances, these are the times required in each the swim, bike and run as well as the overall time calculated by obstri.com to be one of the fastest triathletes in the world.

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Country By Terrilyn

This may have already done a video on this question but I can’t find it? My question is in the bike what nutrition do you take and when? Like I have heard people taking a Coke but when and how do you take it? Another is pickle juice? What is up with that? No way I’m taking that I would puke for sure! Trying to get my nutrition right because last year I suffered some GI issues. Thanks!

I think that 15 hours of training per week is somewhere near ideal for us triathletes that are only competing for the love of the sport! 😉 I too try to get in around 2 hours of training per day (including stretching and a 15 min meditation after the workout). Awesome channel this one! Great job! Very inspiring!

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Виктор Новосад

So, basically I would be good female athlete, I’ve just got one extra thing…

Виктор Новосад

Can you do same for full distance please?)

What is the device on 03:07?

Race Pace Masters Swimming

25-29 is faster at the swim because fewer 20-24 have a college swim background because if you are 20-24 you are probably still swimming and haven’t taken up triathlon yet, hence why 25-29 averages out a bit quicker.

where can you find these times for sprint and standard please

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