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Super League Triathlon Malta: Eliminator

All the action from the Men’s and Women’s Eliminator competition from Super League Triathlon Malta

The Eliminator tests the resilience, stamina and velocity of the athletes in a pressure-cooker format where field position proves key over timing. Athletes must finish high enough to not be eliminated whilst managing their effort against fatigue. Three stages of traditional swim-bike-run whereby athletes need to hold their ground and watch their backs in each stage to be eventually crowned as the most tenacious and tough athlete on the Super League Circuit.

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That was just the best racing from Murray.. S.A all the way. You Showed these lyties

Absolutely the most exciting – dynamic and captivating triathlons in the world to watch. HUGE thank you to Chris and all of his team that have elevated head to head racing, huge purse to compensate these bad-ass athletes who respect the opportunity to be a part of something new and refreshing and incredible commentary that adds to the depth of the racing.

To everyone that is watching these videos – SPREAD THE WORLD!!! Post on your social media and share with your friends.

I have been in this sport as an athlete for 34 years and have been coaching for 30 years and this is what every household should refer to as triathlon – fast, challenge and dynamic!!

Thanks again Chris and to you and your entire vision!!

“Summer Rappaport unhappy on the bike”, Ali Brownlee’s commentary is priceless!

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