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Super League Singapore 2019 | Women and Men’s Enduro

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The Super League Singapore 2019 Championship Finale ends in brutal style as the men and women take on the Enduro.


Requiring endurance and tactics, The Enduro is a non-stop burst of swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run-swim-bike-run without a break. The Enduro takes no prisoners as the two slowest athletes at the end of each discipline will be eliminated.The winner is the first athlete across the finish line upon completion of the entire race sequence. Double points on the line and the opportunity to be immortalised as the Super League Triathlon Series Champion!

CONTINUOUS: 300m Swim – 5km Bike – 2km Run – 300m Swim – 5km Bike – 2km Run – 300m Swim – 5km Bike – 2km Run


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Beaugrand’s right foot did hit the FINISH first, oh so close. The guy holding the tape is in front of the “FINISH”.

Macca! Let’s get him out there.

thanks for the youtube videos, this is awesome-finally a watchable triathlon (sorry Kona)

Vincent notre fierté nationale =) Le petit chèque de 100 000 qui fait plaisir est mérité, un champion en or.

Woman’s race was insane!!!!!!!!!

Well done lads

Loving this. Hoping that this spreads. Triathlon is more than Ironman!

Thanks very much for putting this on Youtube. I missed it on the Red Button on the BBC and those responsible at the BBC decided not to put it on catchup on iplayer. What a finish to the Women’s race.

Love watching, but why can’t the women wear the same racing suits as the men

i came upon this by accident, I had no idea there was such a race…Brilliant!! so, much more exciting than regular Triathlon

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