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Super League Malta 2019: Men’s Equalizer Final

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Full race replay of the Elite Men’s Equalizer from Final’s day of Super League Malta 2019.

Watch full Super League Malta 2019 race replays here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLf2q7hH-_TymQ8rOiKt962Vm1kldqz2ac


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Love this format!

Should have been a penalty to the South African, can’t have someone else assist you by moving your bike during a race. Wasn’t her responsibility or right to do.

Vasco Vilaca 19!!!

The official that directed on the bike should have come forward and owned up.

Way to interfere with the TT, SLT. Professionals can count. Race announcers saying “it doesn’t matter who’s at fault..” Really? It’s your fault though. What a joke. Stay out of the race. know your place. On the sideline… Stop interfering where you’re not even needed..

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