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Quick Guide to Olympic Triathlon

Everything you need to know about Olympic Triathlon.

Since making their Olympic debut at Sydney 2000, triathletes have been pushing themselves to the limit in swimming, cycling and running, with the first to the finish line taking gold.

Watch more Triathlon: http://bit.ly/2abD8N2

Watch more quick guides here: http://bit.ly/29qAvkF

Subscribe to the official Olympic channel here: http://bit.ly/1dn6AV5

Find more about the Olympic Games at http://www.olympic.org/olympic-games

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it is a one of the craziest sport I’ve ever tried. I would never do such a demanding sport again 😀

super man, wonder woman

Song name?

Bevan Doherty got silver in Athens 2004 and bronze in Beijing 2008 🙂 Both of those men are legends!

“Bike shoes”

what is this music someone tell me

what the music?

Now The Brownlee brothers both medalled in 2012 and 2016


really intresting

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