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Pushing the limit: triathlete Sebastian Kienle | DW Documentary

Swimming almost four kilometers, cycling 180 kilometers, and then running a marathon — that’s par for the course for long-distance triathletes. What’s unimaginable for most people is completely normal for Sebastian Kienle.

35-year old Sebastian Kienle is a professional triathlete — and one of the world’s best. But his life is not all gold medals and glory. He trains 230 days a year and is always on the move, often in South Tyrol. Many of the competitions he enters are so challenging that he can only take part in a few each year. Even getting a slight cold can mean his body can’t withstand the exertion. Just ahead of competitions he even debates whether to go to the grocery store for fear of catching something. What makes such extreme athletes push their bodies to the limit?


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With an ankle like that, seriously impressive!

My favourite game cycling

they all have the nate diaz look. probably has a good chin too.

He should have stopped , let your ankle heal .

I like how he gave away his medal. I used to race too and they are a waste of space after years of racing. Newbies on the other hand treasure them like medals of valor. I just threw up a little in my mouth thinking about that.

DW please please use subtitles instead of voice overs. Some of us are trying to learn German and would appreciate to hear conversations and how words may be used to mean different thing in different situations. 2nd appeal.

Time will tell. If he is running 3 miles per day at age 70, like some do, then he will be made of “iron.”

Damn, he gave away the medal and backpack. Dude is super cool for giving away the first 4 places too. XD

He should work on his relationship a bit more. Or look for a new mate

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