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Powerful triathlon hypnosis by Julius Fawcett

This powerful hypnosis can align your thoughts with that of a top pro triathlete.

For best results listen at least once a day with headphones for at least 6 weeks.

The theory is that when your conscious mind is dealing with a number of different information streams (7+or-2) you can go into a trance state whereby the conscious critical faculty is bypassed and learning on the level of your subconscious is accessed more readily. The different speeds and pitches of my voice are to help you distinguish more easily between overlapping messages. Whether or not any particular individual will go into a hypnotic trance like state will be determined by how relaxed they allow themselves to be. If you do, you will find that the time passes quite quickly without you noticing. Have you ever had that feeling when driving a car for hours that you have somehow lost track of time/distance? Have you ever been in a meeting where you have “drifted off” into a daydream. These are trance like states.

I have been watching my video a couple of times a day (and other ones on my channel). Sometimes I go into a trance, sometimes I don’t. The more you listen to it the more likely you will relax into it, drift off into a daydream, shut off your critical faculty and allow the affirmations to soak into your mind. That is why I recommend listening at least once a day for at least a month. As the month progresses and you feel increasingly safe with the positive messages you may find that when racing or training those messages just pop into your head. Hopefully you will enjoy training and racing more efficiently as a result! I certainly have and it gives me a sense of abundance being able to share it.

Call me on 01494 794869 or email juliusfawcett@yahoo.co.uk to arrange a consultation session or video chat. £10 per half hour for sessions.

Many thanks to Orla Fawcett for supplying the 2012 London Olympic pictures, what an inspirational day! 🙂


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