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painting a triathlon bike part 2 – Trek Speedconcept ETOE style

Here comes the second part of the Trek Speedconcept triathlon time trial bike for an athlete of the German Army – Bundeswehr. The main part of this design is the white eagle on the seat tube / top tube triangle. Painting such a bike means a lot of preparation of the frame and creating the graphics before I can start with the custompainting.


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Great job greatings from México, all the jobs look so great

Pretty basic question but how long do I have to wait between coats? Also for protecting multiple layers from chipping what could be done?

What can I say about your work and your personality. You read my mind and more. Keep going don’t stop. You know how to eat the elephant. Peace

Hardheaded Jarhead

Just curious, what does a paint job like that run in us currency… like $10-15k?

My god that is amazing

That’s a work of art, you have an amazing talent. Thanks for sharing !

What kind of tape do you use for you stencils ?

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