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painting a triathlon bike part 1 – Trek Speedconcept ETOE style

I painted this Trek Speedconcept triathlon timetrail bike for an athlete of the German Army – Bundeswehr. The main part of this design is the white eagle on the seat tube / top tube triangle. Painting such a bike means a lot of preparation of the frame and creating the graphics before I can start with the custompainting.

This is the first part of the making of this timetrail eagle design. MARTIN

#triathlon #bike #timetrail

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Ahh the patience! All those little maskings and the sanding and the original art work and the setting up of the camera and the editing AHHHHHHHHHH! I so much rather watch you do it than do it myself.

Can we have a tour off your work area, just interested in your setup, great work btw

Obrigado, pelas aulas ! Muito bom aprender com vc.

Yes, WTF man. So much prep work and so many don’t understand all the time it take to prep something before painting. It is not the paint that make it look good. It all starts with you prep work and it must be done 100% right. I have been painting bikes and cars for many years and it drives you crazy with all the prep work.

You are the Best , congratulation !!! .ro

One more outstanding working from you, congratulation.
In terms of sandpaper grit, how high do you go on the primer, for painting afterwards?

Martin i love your work, style and manner towards your projects! You above all others have inspired me to do my own custom frame! Thank you

Somehow I feel like having a beer… or two. Can’t wait to see the second part. I like the way you guide the viewers through the whole process.

Mika and Kez Francis

Hi Martin, I love your work. I want to paint my first bike. What grit paper do you use to remove the paint?

Alexander Ramos Vallejo

Necesito una pistola de esas

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