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Outlaw Ironman Triathlon 2019 Race Day – Bike Leg Cancelled!

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Gutted for you mate.
The boy and I were camped out at Hawton wondering where people were and then 2 cyclists came past and let us know.
Still a great PB on the run – 3rd time lucky in Wales eh?

Good to meet you at the race briefing!!

Was definetly a hard day wetest run i have ever had to do. You looked strong out there pretty sure you came past me a some point was in Bassetlaw Kit. But they made the right choice for the bike. Saw some of the pictures from the roads and they were shcoking. Was hard to deal with when I got told but. Got to keep going thats racing in the UK for Yay. Will Definatly be back for it next year on to OUTLAW X for me now. At least we get a gaurntted spot next year with a 10% discount.

Great video and result. Sorry to hear about the bike. Sure you would have smashed it .

I done it this year Dan and it would have been my 2nd full distance (first being IM Florida, PCB).
Proper gutted the bike was cancelled but dealing with the adversity of it all on the day is all part of the race, evident by the amount of people that sacked the day off after the swim instead of doing the run. It’s a shame but it is what it is on the day.

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